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Welcome to Sacred Heart Convent School Rewa(M.P.)


Sacred Heart Convent Sr. Sec. School, Rewa is a premier educational institution run by the Sister of Sacred Heart Congregation.

Inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus, who came to give fullness of life to all and prompted by the example of the Founder, Venerable Fr. Mathew Kadalikkattil, our educational apostolate endorses unbounded faith and trust in the Divine Providence and the formation of a progressive and humane society through participatory and integrated approach.

The academic pursuits of our school strive towords blossoming of the virtues of Love, Wisdom and Service, the motto of the school in the young generation.


Sacred Heart Convent Sr. Sec. School, Rewa addresses the devlopment of the whole person through spritual and academic formation based on the gospel of jesus Christ. The course of studies provided are governed by the consideration that every student unfurls into a sensitive, empathetic and contributing individual and worthy citizen of our dear motherland, devloping proper interests, attitudes, skills values.

The realization of our vision is to ensure :-

Spritual Formation based on the gospel values as thaught by the Sacred Heart of jesus.

Moral upbringing aimed at the creation of a new society of wholesome individuals, families and communities.

Empowering the Sacred Heartians to excel in all their endeavors, fostering their unique potentialities and equipping them with the skills for life in a fast changing world scenario.

About School

The sacred heart convent school, Rewa is a co-educational English Medium School run by the sisters of the congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Society of Sacred Heart Congregation is

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Provincial's Message

Jesus says, “Learn from me for I am meek and humble of heart”

Dear Students,
Character forma

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Director's Message

“By education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit.”. (Mahatma Gandhi)

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Principal's Message

“Praise be to the Sacred Heart of Jesus”

Dear Students,
Experiencing is learning. Learning means innocence, openn

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CBSE Toppers XII (2019-20)

  • img

    Ritul Shrivastava

    94.2 % (Commerce)

  • img

    Deepali Tiwari

    93.8% (Bio)

  • img

    Anshula Pandey

    92.6% (Maths)

CBSE Toppers X (2019-20)

  • img

    Shriyam Singh Tiwari


  • img

    Apoorva Tamrakar


  • img

    Aryan Shrivastava


School Cabinet (2019-20)

  • Prakarshi Vishwakarma

    Head Girl (XII B)

  • Krishnanshu Tamer

    Deputy Head Boy (XI C)

  • Harsh Kr Dwivedi

    Captain (X B)

  • Shriyam S Tiwari

    Captain (X C)

  • Rishabh K Pandey

    Captain (XI A)

  • Kashish Jiyani

    Captain (XI A)

  • Sujal Shukla

    Captain (X A)

  • Arshiya Ateek

    Deputy Head Girl (XI B)

  • Anushka Pandey

    Sports Captain (XII B)

  • Sundaram Dwivedi

    Sports Vice Captain (XI A)

  • Prabhat Pandey

    Cultural & Literary Secretary (XII A)

  • Eshika Agrawal

    Cultural & Literary Secretary (XI B)

  • Rushil Khare

    Discipline Leader (XII A)

  • Ritul Shrivastava

    Discipline Leader (XII C)

  • Shivam Sharma

    Vice Captain (XI B)

  • Shreya Chaubey

    Captain (X C)

  • Pranjal S Baghel

    Vice Captain (IX C)

  • Anshuman Payasi

    Captain (XI A)

  • Shubdha Sharma

    Sports Vice Captain (XI C)

  • Aditya Tiwari

    Sports Captain (XI C)

  • Harsh Dwivedi

    Vice Captain (IX A)

  • Nandini Jain

    Vice Captain (IX C)

  • Kunal Patel

    Discipline Incharge (X B)

  • Shrishti Tiwari

    Discipline Incharge (IX D)

  • Kartikeya Tiwari

    Cultural Incharge (X B)

  • Divyanshi Dwivedi

    Cultural Incharge (IX C)

  • Rituraj Singh

    Sports Captain (X C)

  • Khushi Gautam

    Sports Captain (X C)

  • Parthiv S Tiwari

    Sports Vice Captain (X B)

  • Sipika Tiwari

    Sports Vice Captain (X A)

  • Shambhavi Sahagaura

    Vice Captain (X B)

  • Aadie Sood

    Discipline Incharge (IX D)

  • Chhavi Matwani

    Discipline Incharge (X A)

  • Atiksh Shukla

    Cultural Incharge (IX D)

  • Nishita Jain

    Cultural Incharge (X A)

  • Anurag Pr Singh

    Sports Captain (X B)

  • Pragati Singh

    Sports Captain (X B)

  • Aditya Tiwari

    Sports Vice Captain (X B)

  • Tanushree Biswas

    Sports Vice Captain (IX D)

  • Jyotsana Singh

    Captain (XI A)

  • Nityash Dixit

    Vice Captain (IX A)

  • Zoya Anwar

    Vice Captain (IX A)

  • Arpit Mishra

    Discipline Incharge (X A)

  • Kanupriya Mishra

    Discipline Incharge (X B)

  • Yash Tripathi

    XI A (Cultural Incharge)

  • Ayushi Sharma

    Cultural Incharge (XI C)

  • Pranav Ku Dubey

    Sports Captain (XI C)

  • Kirti Pandey

    Sports Captain (XI A)

  • Aditya Raj Deepankar

    Sports Vice Captain (IX A)

  • Deepika Mishra

    Sports Vice Captain (IX A)

  • Shreya Nigam

    Vice Captain (IX A)

  • Ashutosh Mishra

    X B (Discipline Incharge)

  • Uttara Sharma

    Discipline Incharge (X A)

  • Md. Arish Hasan

    Cultural Incharge (IX D)

  • Kausar Nadeem

    Cultural Incharge (XI C)

  • Mayank Sahu

    Sports Captain (X C)

  • Mansi Tharwani

    Sports Captain (XI C)

  • Rajeev Nayan S

    Sports Vice Captain (IX B)

  • Arushi Dwivedi

    Sports Vice Captain (IX A)

  • Anshuman S Chandel

    Head Boy (-)

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